You have decided you want to improve and invest in your health, fitness and wellness! Way to TAKE SOME ACTION!!!

Getting Started Is Easy As 1, 2, 3!!!!

Give us a call at 510 574 5039 if you have any questions. Please leave us a voicemail if we missed you call or send us a text message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Step 1 – Do your homework on us!!!

We highly suggest going through our website and check out what we are all about and what we have to offer. Make sure to visit our Frequently Ask Questions (F.A.Q) page as it is very thorough and can be very helpful. You might also want to visit our XFIT Yelp Page for reviews and XFIT Facebook Page to see us in action. 

Here are the links.

Yelp =
Facebook =

Step 2 – Attend A Free Trial Class.

We offer a Weekly Free Trial Class Saturdays At 6:00 AM (See Free Trial Page for Details) This will give you an idea what our program and community is all about.

Step 3 – Sign Up For Our 21 Day Trial Membership Or Transformation Challenge

You might like the Saturday Class. But we want you to be sure that XFIT is a really good fit for you and you are a good fit for us.

Our 21 Day Trial or Transformation Challenge allows prospective clients to get in the trenches. At the same time this allows us to assess whether or not our program is the right long-term fit for you individually.

For example, you can pretty easily determine if our classes fit into your busy schedule. Most people have to be willing to make adjustments in other areas of their life so this works. If we are going to guide you to get the Best Results and create a healthy lifestyle. It’s going to require consistency and make sure it becomes a habit. We also want to make sure that you are having fun, enthusiastic about your workouts and that you are bringing positive energy to the group.

How to Prepare for Orientation:

1. Get a good night’s sleep on Saturday night and be sure to set your alarm clock (maybe even two of them)!

2. Consume some “light food” before coming to class – a cup of oatmeal, a banana, or some greek yogurt – to help alleviate getting dizzy during your workout.

3. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing and shoes (no denim or street clothes or shoes). Your clothing should not be too loose; we need to be able to see the form of your body to help instruct you on technique.

4. Please bring or wear shorts; we’re going to be taking your initial series of progress pictures (Additionally, women should bring or wear a sports bra, for their pictures.)

5. Bring a bottle of water.

6. Bring a wipe-down towel (in case you get a little sweaty).

7. Please write down any questions you may have, and bring them with you on Sunday, so we may be sure to properly address them during orientation.

8. Please bring a form of payment, if you haven’t already signed-up for your 21-Day Trial Program or the Transformation Challenge online. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover). We DO NOT, however, accept cash or checks.

Looking forward to meet you soon.